We received our wood order just fine. It’s the red birch and is absolutely beautiful!! We have received so many compliments on it. Country planking is a unique floor here in Colorado. I think it must be used a lot more in the Northeast. Our installer said he’s been installing hardwood floors for 30 yrs. and has never seen it out here! We are thrilled with it and appreciate all the personal service we received from you. ~ Kind Regards, J. Crockett, Denver, CO

Our floors have now been fully installed and they look great! I can’t believe how much more I love the random widths too—adds so much more character. Thank you so much for all your great service and care. ~ Fond regards, L. Botfeld, Venice, CA

We received the flooring yesterday at 4pm. We unloaded it down the street with help from the truck driver (road too narrow at our house for the 18 wheeler!). He was more than happy to help out. The shipment was intact and the flooring looks good! Right now it’s undercover in our hay wagon and I’ll probably move it inside tomorrow. ~ Thanks for your great service! J. McCorkle, Swampscott, MA

We are very happy with our countryplank purchase, the quality of the wood was excellent (we purchased 4, 5 6, 7 inch widths of country red oak), the wood was delivered on schedule, and you were very helpful with advice on installation techniques (e.g. contractor wanted to use glue, you suggested just nailing over felt roofing paper). The ‘country’ category has a few knots as described which add some character to the floor, if we were to do it over I might even go to the ‘rustic’ category for even more character. I did not do the installation myself but feel it’s not a difficult do-it-yourself job. A friend of mine recently purchased some pine and was also very satisfied with CountryPlank. ~ Best Regards, D. McKenna, Middleton, MA

I wanted to let you know that the floor has been installed. It looks great, even though they have yet to start the sanding and finishing. We are so pleased with the floor, we even used a great deal of extra leftover in our sun room. If you ever need a testimonial, just ask. We would highly recommend you to anyone else. The quality and on time delivery was great. Thanks again. We will email you pictures when we’re all done. ~ S. & J. Knopf, Stockbridge, MA

In our area, we don’t have any wood flooring like you sell. I’ve seen both the low end (looks fake, and most of it is fake) and the high end (also looks fake, but is real wood) that’s available here. So that’s why I was doing some hunting on the web. Yellow pine isn’t something that is available here. Good luck with your site. I’ll talk your site up to people that might be interested in a REAL wood floor!! ~ L. Johnson, Virginia Beach, VA

Thanks. Floor arrived today, and as expected, looks great! Pictures will be on the way soon. ~ B. DeVolld, Springfield, OH

The white oak flooring just arrived and looks FANTASTIC! Our carpenter was most impressed with the quality and the random, wide planks. He said that the wide planks were pretty rare around here, and that he can’t remember anybody getting white oak either. He actually said he can’t wait to start installing it. I will make sure you get pictures when it’s done. Thanks for all your help. I will be in touch. ~ L. Rammer, Sheboygan, WI

Floor is in and I picked it up yesterday. It is gorgeous. We are pleased with what we’ve seen so far. I’ll keep you posted. ~ Regards, B. Godwin, Cleveland, NC

White Oak flooring arrived today without any major problems. I arranged for my brother in law and his girlfriend to help us unload, so with the driver, there were five us. Pretty big job–a flat bed with fork lift like Lowes or Home Depot uses might have been nice. Slighty crabby driver but he seemed to warm up a little when he saw what hard workers we were. Unload time: 45 minutes of some of the hardest work any of us had done for a while. The flooring looks beautiful! The short pieces I thought looked especially nice (especially for the price) If I ordered again I might order all the shortrer, cheaper lengths, though I might tell you something different when it comes time to install them. I imagine the longer lengths make the job go much faster. And my wife’s brother made the point that when you slide across the floor in your socks ala Tom Cruise in Risky Business–you don’t want too many of those cross ends slowing you down or snagging your socks. Thanks for all the effort. We’re very happy with the flooring. ~ B. Black, Beaufort, NC

I want to thank you for all the time you have put into this and also all the endless questions you have so patiently answered. I am glad we had you to do business with. You made this an easy transaction. ~ Thanks again, C. Bowen, Loudonville, OH

We love our walnut floors and have gotten many compliments on them. The next time anyone I know is in the market for wood flooring I will definitely send them to you! ~ G. Cruse, Tucker, GA

I should tell you that I am extremely satisfied with the condition and figure of the boards I received. You can imagine that I am excited that there are no shorts. I will send you a picture of the floor when it’s done. In fact when I post the project to my web site I’ll mention your website and say some really great things okay? ~ P. Haggett, Marblehead, MA

I am very pleased and happy with new floor. You can use my pictures on internet if you think they are really worth it, I will be very happy. You can also use my name for your business reference. Thanks and good luck. ~ Regards, W. Ortonowski, Ridgefield, CT

Got the hickory and it looks great! Getting ready to start work. ~ Thanks! D. Woodbury, Colorado Springs, CO

Everything came in, thank you and I hope to do more business and maybe send some your way. ~ B. Bacon, Superior, WI

The flooring came Friday per our request and is beautiful! ~ Thanks, J. Wise, Charles City, VA

Remember me? I ordered almost 1,000 sq. ft Antique Country Grade White Pine, random width and length. It’s been installed and just a few days ago they completed the finishing. We applied one coat of sealer and 3 coats of oil based polyurethane, satin finish. No stain was used. And it looks FABULOUS! If I had a digital camera I would send you photos that way, but I don’t. I’ll mail you photos if you want. And if you want testimonials – just call me. Really, I’m so happy. The floor is even more beautiful than I imagined it would be. ~ D. Edwards, Southampton, PA

Well, the floors are all done, and the end result far exceeds our original expectations. Every board is an absolute work art, the grain patterns are amazing, and after waiting over 18 years for this, our circa 1860 home is finally complete. We are very grateful to you for your knowledge, advice, and friendly attitude during this process. Please feel free to use our pics on your website, or if you ever need a recommendation, we would be pleased to tell anyone about our most positive experience. Thank you again Mark, for everything. ~ P. & F. Rotwein, Montgomery, NY

We got our floors Friday the 18th after a bit of confusion with the FedEx Freight. My husband installed it in our family room that weekend and our dining room the next Wednesday and Thursday nights. Once he got the hang of it, it was easy to install. The wood looks great! Only 2 boards were unusable. It lookes like a different house. We love it. Thanks again. ~ M. Watkins, Lyme, CT

I received the replacement pieces and all worked out perfect. The floor looks great and I really appreciate you getting me the replacements on time.
If you ever need a reference, feel free to use me. ~ Best Regards, R. Rude, South Seaside Park, NJ

The floors arrived promptly and in great shape. After letting them acclimate to the room for a few days I have installed the planks. It is a beautiful looking floor. When I get the rest of my house ready for flooring, you will hear from me again. ~ Thank you. R. Gort, Freeport, NY

Wood arrived safely today! Have to say this was one of the easiest sales and deliveries I’ve had in the 16 months we’ve been renovating! Wish I had discovered you earlier! As soon as I get a chance, I will update our webpage to show you as a design source. ~ Thanks again, T. Gerace, Washington, DC

We got the floor as planned yesterday and it looks great. I think we’re going to be very happy with it and will have to send you some pictures once it’s all installed and finished. Thanks again for all of your help! ~ L. & M. Romano, Wake Forest, NC

All is well, and very wet here in New Jersey. The good news is the flooring arrived Monday, it is beautiful, my contractor is very impressed. I am happy to pass your web site along to friends. Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you. ~ Sincerely, L. Neff, Far Hills, NJ

We recieved the wood so quickly and it is beautiful. Thanks for all your help. ~ E. Bank, Laguna Niguel, CA

Just wanted you to know that the flooring arrived without a hitch! The delivery was very convenient and the driver was pleasant and helpful. Very positive experience. Thanks again for your accomodating my schedule. ~ Sincerely, J. Russo, Lake Katrine, NY

Quick note of thanks for the excellent quality quartersawn oak. We finally had it installed recently and it looks great! Our installer says its some of the best wood he has seen. ~ Thanks again, J. Peters, Bay City, MI

Just a quick note to let you know that we finally installed the yellow pine flooring (which arrived the same day you sent this message — lightning fast!!) last week. The floor is beautiful! Exactly what I was expecting. There were a few tricky boards, but my husband was able to sort through the extra 5% we ordered and make everything work. I just want to let you know how happy we are with the floor, and indeed with the whole experience, including ordering, delivery and communication. I am sending you a couple of pictures of the floor installed. It hasn’t yet been sanded and finished, but already it looks fabulous! ~ Thanks for everything! J. Norton, New Vernon, NJ

I just wanted to say thanks for your professional service and a quality product. The order arrived Tuesday. The flooring quality exceeded my expectations with no damage in shipping. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Great job! ~ Thanks, S. Schultz, Owatonna, MN

Looks great. Thanks for your help! I’ll get some pictures together for you and email them. We are really happy with our floors! ~ A. Rocomora, Atlanta, GA

Just wanted to let you know that my order came today. You were very pleasant and easy to deal with and gave very helpful advice. And the wood came in under a week. Now that’s prompt service! ~B. Blume, Summit, NJ

Just wanted to let you know they have started installing the floors. They look great already. My contractors were also very impressed with the quality, so maybe you’ll get some more business out of this. Anyway, thanks for convincing me to take a chance! Take care. ~ Sincerely, J. Lastig, Laurel Hollow, NY

We are thrilled with the skip-sawn oak flooring you shipped. It is exactly the look we sought and is so unique. I had never installed flooring before, but my research and your expert guidance paid off with results beyond expectation. It is amazing how perfectly the random lengths and widths fit in place – I had almost no waste, hardly even enough scraps to use for tapping blocks. We are ready to do more rooms – just need to find the time to do it! Thanks again, Mark, for your exceptional service and product. ~B. Mathias, Salisbury, MD

Mark, Here are some of the pictures that I promised you about a year ago. The material was excellent to work with, and is a beautiful material. ~Thanks for everything. J. VanVoorhis, Sparrows Point, MD

Thanks for the beautiful planks you sent to me! It is absolutely nicer than I thought it could be. I did my own install. Beautiful straight, flat planks to work with. Long lengths and a perfect mix of widths. I could use every single piece you sent to me. No waste at all! We love it! Our friends rave about it! I have already referred 2 or 3 friends to your website! ~Thanks. C. Shanahan, New Milford, CT

Mark, The flooring is beautiful – WOW!!!! Thanks so much – I will be sure to send you pictures! ~ D. Curtis, Cambridge, MD

I think I thought the 5 inch cherry would seem a bit more “contemporary” though sensitive to the house. I think the planed edges are perfect. The floors look almost original. And close in color to existing pine floors. Thanks again for all your help – great product. ~T. Miraglia, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Mark, I wanted to let you know that the floor turned out just perfect! This is my favorite room in the house and it looks so beautiful that I wish I didn’t have to put the furniture back in because the floor looks so great I don’t want to hide any of it!! Thanks Mark! You are the best! ~C. Young, Hampstead, MD

The flooring was delivered wednesday morning, and the quartersawn oak is absolutely beautiful and the finish wonderful. Thanks so much for all your help. ~D. Silan, Branchburg, NJ

Hi Mark, I just want to let you know the floor looks incredible and I have not forgotten the photos. Once the house is finally put back together and the computer is re-hooked up, I’ll down load some of the floor photos and send them to you. Take care! ~A.Brancati, Elkton, MD

Mark, The floors look wonderful. Moreover, the amount of wood shipped is sufficient to do our dining room, which is planned for mid-June. There was almost no shrinkage in terms of warped boards, or other defects. Thanks much. ~J. Haslag, Columbia, MO

Hi Mark, The wood arrived a few days ago and it looks great. The installer liked the quality as well. Thank you! ~L. Hirst, Santa Barbara, CA

Mark, The installation went fantastically well, most of the credit going to the quality of the wood, and little to my expertise, or lack there of. I had it professionaly sanded and finished, and they were equally impressed with your product. Thanks again. ~R. Leutheuser, Kirkwood, MO

Hi Mark, The wood planks are so beautiful and straight. I am very pleased with your merchandise. Thank you! ~U.Foti, Belmont, CA

Mark, We are so happy with the quality and appearance of our new white oak floor! It turned out to be one of the best parts of our kitchen/great room remodeling project. The delivery was very prompt — even to our rather remote location. The installation went well. We used an oil finish with no pigment, and the results are fantastic. The country grade provides just enough character and beautifully compliments the natural walnut cabinets; we love the wide planks. Our friends and neighbors are very impressed! Thank you much for your advice and guidance. We would recommend you to anyone we know who is considering installing a hardwood floor. ~ G & R Yale, Beulah, ND

Dear Mark, The planks are absolutely stunning! It is exactly what I wanted with that beautiful wide grain. I helped unload them myself and I only felt a few bent boards. I talked to the flooring guy and he doesn’t seem to be complaining so I think we are good.

My goodness though, it is so beautiful. I think in the whole load there was one tiny brown knot and one little scoop like a knot popped out of that spot or something like that. I really can’t believe it. It is absolutely fabulous. I cannot rave about it enough. How can affordable flooring be so over the top gorgeous? I would have never imagined that I could afford wide planks like that either. I’m going to blog about the finished floors like mad and I’ll be sure to mention where I got the wood. A+ product and A+ customer service! Thank you so much! ~ S. Engel, Portland, OR

Hi Mark, Hope you’re doing well. Thanks again for helping us out with our floors. We still love the way they look — they’re one of our favorite things about the house.  Best, ~ E. Wetzel, Palatine, IL