Southern Yellow Pine Flooring

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Warm and inviting, Southern Yellow Pine Flooring – also called yellow pine flooring or Southern pine flooring – is an American classic. Imparting a distinctively traditional look, yellow pine flooring comes from one of our most abundant and renewable species – Southern Shortleaf Yellow Pine.

The most prevalent tree in the southern forest and the preferred construction wood of the 19th century, Southern Yellow Pine was used for everything from clipper ship masts to warehouse timbers to residential flooring. This plain sawn, short leaf Yellow Pine represents the least expensive, yet one of the most traditional flooring choices available.  An oil finish will enhance the prominent grain and start mellowing the patina of your yellow pine flooring right away.

Please click on the Prices tab above for the widths & lengths available in each Southern Yellow Pine flooring grade listed below and their respective per square foot prices – and, call or email for availability and freight costs.


Available in solid plank and unfinished ONLY, this plain sawn grade of yellow pine flooring has all of the naturally occurring wood character remaining such as infrequent small tight knots, minor color variations and varying grain patterns that add to its popular appeal. Natural Grade Yellow Pine Flooring is a good compromise if you like a little character in your flooring but aren’t sure about a lot of big knots.



Available in solid planks, unfinished and pre-finished by special order, this plain sawn grade of yellow pine flooring has all of the naturally occurring wood character remaining such as frequent large knots, color variations and varying grain patterns. Rustic Grade Yellow Pine flooring fits in any country casual style setting.


Southern Yellow Pine Flooring Specifications

  • Thickness: 3/4″ Solid
  • Widths Available: 3 1/8”, 5 1/8”, 6 7/8” and 8 3/4” Solid
  • Lengths Ranges Available: 6’-12’ Solid
  • Milled Profile: Tongue & groove edges only, back relieved
  • Pre-finishing Available in limited grades and widths: Clear, Satin sheen, 7 coats UV cured polyurethane w/ aluminum oxide
  • Hardness (Janka Scale): 650 (49% softer than Red Oak)
  • Shipping Weight: 2.75 lbs per square foot, Solid