How To Receive


how-to-receive-1We will notify you from several days to a week before your order is ready to ship to make sure your schedule is in step with ours. Once the mutually agreed upon ship date arrives, we will take final payment in whatever form was chosen and ship via a common carrier such as UPS Freight or SAIA. Once shipped, your flooring is assigned a tracking number. We will email this number along with the local terminal’s telephone number to you in order for you to both ascertain the ETA and make any receiving arrangements necessary.

Whether from inventory or custom milled, our flooring is stacked and tightly bound with nylon straps into bundles of an easy to manage size – typically from 40-80 pounds each. These bundles are then securely banded with steel straps to wood skids which are loaded into box trailers for transport. The tractor & trailers used are typically in excess of 60 feet long overall and are routed directly to your job site. They will need room to arrive, unload, turn around and leave without damaging anything in the process. If this is not possible, alternate arrangements will have to be made – taking delivery at a remote site that is more suitable is a good option.

Once ready to unload, the driver is only responsible for getting your order to the back of his truck. It is your responsibility to unload your flooring and move it safely into your house. While, the driver is most often a big help in the process, we cannot guarantee his assistance.

Please immediately inspect your flooring for discrepancies or damage. If an obvious discrepancy in quantity is detected or there is visible damage to the flooring, please mark your findings on the delivery ticket before signing it and giving it back to the driver. This is essential!!! If, in your assessment, the damage by the carrier is so significant that a successful installation may be jeopardized, please call us immediately as we may want you to refuse the shipment. This has only happened twice since 1985, but, forewarned is forearmed! Minor shortages and damage can be dealt with under our warranty and we will do everything possible to minimize the inconvenience to you.

The bundles should be immediately placed in the area(s) in which they will be installed. Ideally, you will have the seasonally appropriate mechanical systems (heat or A/C) up and running and therefore, your flooring will have an opportunity to acclimate to occupancy conditions. Loosely stacked bundles are best and depending on your climate, breaking the straps in order for more complete air circulation around the individual planks may be warranted. It is rarely a good idea to store your flooring in a garage or basement or other unconditioned space – certainly not more than very temporarily.


All flooring is warranted against manufacturing defects for 30 days from the date of shipping, but, prior to installation. Manufacturing defects are defined as defects in material, milling or moisture content that render the board(s) as shipped, unfit for safe, functional flooring. It is our responsibility to provide properly graded, dried and milled flooring, but it is your responsibility to confirm that prior to installation! Any board(s) giving rise to a claim under this warranty, after inspection and approval, will be replaced free of charge. No contingent or collateral damage is covered. No other warranty expressed or implied exists and repair or replacement of the unfit board(s) is the sole remedy hereunder. Custom millwork is excluded from this warranty.

As wood is a beautiful product of nature; naturally occurring color, grain or character marks allowable within pertinent grading standards do not apply to this warranty. Please read the grading definitions carefully and request samples prior to placing your order.