How To Maintain

Maintain wood flooring by providing walk-off mats at entries, use felt protectors on all furniture legs (available here!) and vacuum regularly. Wipe up all spills promptly. Inspect periodically for plumbing leaks (icemaker, dishwasher, etc.) or any other water penetration from above or below. Keep house conditioned if unoccupied for long periods of time. Protect the floor from damage by keeping dogs nails clipped, and ladies – maintain your high heels! Most polyurethane finishes allow for damp mopping, (with a well wrung out mop) for periodic cleaning of dirt buildup. Please follow finish manufacturers instructions for more strenuous cleaning.

All wood expands and contracts seasonally dependent upon ambient humidity. The flooring planks that lay tightly together in the summer may develop some gaps between the boards during the dry months or heating season. This is normal and does not require any special attention.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – B. Franklin

All floor finishes eventually need refreshing, even factory pre-finished flooring with an abrasion resistant additive like ours. While this is typically many years down the road, it is still best to address the issue when it appears that the finish is wearing thin rather than waiting for it to fail completely and expose the wood to dirt and moisture. If recognized early, a simple scuff and re-coat may be all that’s needed to completely restore the flooring to its original appearance. And, some oil finishes just need periodic maintenance or re-application and never need a wholesale re-do. Again, follow the guidance of the finish manufacturer or the professional finisher you employed.

We recognize that the practices of the wood flooring professional you have selected for the installation and finishing, with specific knowledge of local conditions, favorite finish types, etc. may differ from these guidelines and should be given due consideration.

Enjoy your CountryPlank floor for a lifetime!