Why do you mostly sell random width flooring?

For two reasons. First, random widths allow us to achieve the best yield, keeping the price down and giving you the full width and length of each board. Second, it most closely reproduces the look of an early floor. Here in the East, we are fortunate to have a wealth of historic architecture to serve as examples for construction details. And, from the first settlement until the 1870’s ALL wood floors were random width (for the same reason as our first). Only well into the formality of the Victorian period (3rd quarter of the 19th century) did flooring succumb to the boring monotony of uniform widths, and then, they settled on all 2 1/2″ wide! This taste remains today (in the form of 2 1/4″ strip), although fortunately wider boards are gaining favor. We do however, offer uniform widths for those who don’t appreciate the random look. Most species and grades are available in uniform (single) widths and are priced in the pricing matrix on each page. If there is no price in the block corresponding to the size you desire, please give us a call – it may be doable.