What sort of finish is on the pre-finished flooring?

We have 2 choices. A 7 coat, UV cured, solvent based polyurethane with Aluminum Oxide added to coats 4&5. It is “clear” or “natural” and no stain is used or available. This is a very durable “Satin” finish that should perform well for at least 15 years before a slight scuff and recoat might help freshen it up a bit. We also offer a 4 coat, UV-Cured, water-based polyurethane with Aluminum Oxide in coats 2&3 in a “Matte” finish. This closely mimics a European Hard Wax Oil finish in appearance but, has the durability of a polyurethane. This finish is also available in a “clear” or “natural” and, several colors are available, but not on every species and grade.