How do I handle receipt of my flooring?

Once your order ships, you will be provided with the delivering terminal’s phone number and the shipment tracking number (“pro” number). Upon receipt of this information, please call the carrier to arrange for the delivery. Please understand that the freight carrier’s responsibility ends upon arriving at the destination. It becomes your responsibility to unload the truck and move the flooring to a safe and dry place. Mechanical unloading means such as a forklift are ideal, but depending on the size of the load, a few hearty individuals can make quick work of it. Usually one person on the truck to break open the large shrink wrapped pallet and hand down the individually wrapped bundles (40-70 lbs each) to one or two people on the ground, who hustle them inside. And, although I can’t promise it, the driver will more often than not hand the bundles down to you and your help on the ground. A half hour is allowed without complaint (and frequently more) by the driver; and a few strong backs can move a lot of flooring in 30 minutes! Remember, you have paid for your flooring AND the freight when it shipped, so no further charges to you apply – please call if someone presents a C.O.D. ticket.