Antique Reclaimed Northeastern White Pine Flooring

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All pricing is per square foot, excluding freight (please add 10% to your measurements for cutting & fitting)

White pine reclaimed flooring hearkens back to Colonial America and its intrepid settlers, who selected this virgin timber for the exceptional board length and width it provided. White pine is an intrinsically soft wood and, over time, will reflect the comings and goings of daily life, aging to a golden tawny color from which its venerable nickname – pumpkin pine – originates.

Our white pine wide plank flooring is from exterior and interior barn siding and granary boards, once used to hold grain. If you’re looking for a rustic, wide-plank floor that captures the essence of early American living – and your own modern-day pioneering spirit – antique white pine hardwood flooring is the ideal choice.

We can also apply custom surface treatments to your Antique Reclaimed White Pine floor including a variety of distressed looks or hand scraping on the edges and ends.

Please click on the Prices tab(s) above for the widths & lengths available for Antique Reclaimed White Pine flooring and their respective per square foot prices – and, call or email for freight costs.


Available in solid planks or engineered planks by special order, unfinished square edge or factory pre-finished with a micro-beveled edge. This plain sawn grade of White Pine flooring has a variegated amber color with touches of dark brown, occasional nail holes, wormholes, saw kerfs and watermarks and ages beautifully to a nutty pumpkin color.


Old Growth Northeastern White Pine Flooring Specifications

  • Thickness: 3/4″ Solid, 5/8” Engineered, 4mm Wear Layer (nominal 3/16”)
  • Widths Available: 3”-15” Solid 3”-10” Engineered
  • Lengths Ranges Available: 2’-12’ Solid, 2’-10’ Engineered
  • Milled Profile: Tongue & groove edges and end-matched (up to 10”), back relieved
  • Pre-finishing Available: Clear, Satin sheen, 7 coats UV cured polyurethane w/ aluminum oxide
  • Hardness (Janka Scale): 380 (70% softer than Red Oak)
  • Shipping Weight: 2.75 lbs per square foot, Solid 2.30 lbs per square foot, Engineered