Upgrade Your Home Design with Real Hardwood Flooring

Plank Wood Flooring Offers:

Unsurpassed Charm & Beauty
Lifetime Rewards, Durability & Ease of Repair
A Beautiful Surface That is Easy to Clean & Maintain
Improvement to Your Home’s Value
Wood Flooring is GREEN! – Its hypoallergenic, carbon neutral and recyclable

Why choose CountryPlank.com? It’s simple.QualitySelectionValueOver 35 years of Hardwood Flooring Experience.

Hark back to a time when quality wasn’t unique, when expertly milled and carefully installed wood plank floors were the norm rather than the exception. Using wide plank flooring was the way a home was built. Without fanfare or boasting. Just the way it was done. That’s why our extensive selection of wood plank flooring is the highest quality available – whether solid plank or engineered plank – offered at the most affordable prices, all backed by over 35 years of experience and customer service.

All of our flooring is proudly grown and milled in the USA!

Wide plank flooring adds an unmistakable feel of warmth, tradition and comfort to any home. Click here to request a free flooring quote.